National Merino Show Ram Sale 
25 August 2021

This season we will be offering the below rams for sales.

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M27601 Left IMG_1534 (2).JPG

Born 16th Aug 2020. Twin reared. Paddock run, weighted 100kg on the 3 Aug 2021.

Sire: PB180137  Dam: 250 726

A very correct ram with growth rate and bone.

Mic: 19.9  SD: 3.9  CV: 19.6  CF: 99.2  SPIN: 19.1

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M27610  Right IMG_1594 (2).JPG

Born Sept 2020. Single. Paddock Run, weighted 94kg on the 3 Aug 2021

Sire: 850  Dam: Bits 61

A correct ram with growth rate and wool cut. Good head and bone.

Mic: 19.5  SD: 3.1  CV: 15.9  CF: 99.7  SPIN: 18.2

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M27620 Right IMG_1506 (2).JPG

Born Sep 2020, Twin reared. Paddock run, weighted 82.5kg on 3 Aug 2021.

Sire: Hindi  Dam: Comber 142

A well balanced ram with long staple length and excellent temperament.

Mic: 20.6  SD: 2.9  CV: 14.1  CF: 99.8  SPIN: 19.0

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M27588 Left IMG_1549 (2).JPG

Born Late Aug 2020. Born triplet, reared single. Paddock run, weighed 92kg on 3 Aug 2021.

Sire: West Plains Mundy  Dam: White 350

A well balanced ram. Good head and bone. Tested PP.

Mic: 19.0  SD: 2.9  CV: 15.3  CF: 99.8  SPIN: 17.7

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M27623 Left IMG_1569 (2).JPG

Born late Aug 2020. Single. Paddock run, weighted 91kg on 3 Aug 2021.

Sire: P.B. Spider X WR 546  Dam: Comber 214

A soft, long stabled ram with a full head and a soft pure face. PP.

Mic: 19.2  SD: 2.6  CV: 13.5  CF: 99.7  SPIN: 17.7

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