Hamilton Ram Sale
3 August 2021

This season we will be offering these rams for sale.

Photos and videos of our rams are available below. For more information, view the details or Contact Us.

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M27584 Right.JPG

Born late August. A twin out of a maiden by a ram lamb.

Weighed 84 kg paddock run 25th June.

A well balanced and correct ram with growth rate, good head and bone.

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M29851 Left.JPG

Born last August. Weighed 85 kg paddock run 25th June.

A well made ram with constitution and growth rate.

View his father Grass Hopper.

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M27592 Left.JPG

Born last days of August. Worked in stud during April.

Weighed 77 kg paddock run 25th June.

A long bodied ram with a good wool by our young sire Hindi.

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M27588 Left.JPG

Born last week of August. Born a triplet, reared a single. Weighed 81 kg paddock run 25th June.

He has balance of growth rate and wool cut. Good head and bone.

View his father Western Plains Mundy.

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M27594 Left.JPG

Born September out of a maiden. By a ram lamb. Weighed 79 kg paddock run 25th June.

A physically correct ram with a good wool.

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