Billa Burra Burra sheep are based on 238 Manderley stud ewes purchased in 1979, and the 500+ Tara Park ewes acquired in the 1980’s and 90’s. Also influential were 75 Linthorpe stud ewes of uniform and ringmaster families added between 1987 and 1990, and 38 Merryville ewes purchased in 1989. Also influential were 40 Wonga stud ewes were purchased in the 1980’s. 10 Manderley rams have been used in the stud with Man.6 the most influential. About 10 Tara Park rams were borrowed through the 1980’s and 1990’s, with Joe and his father, Gruber, having the most influence. In 1989, an Arabar Poll ram (PP) was used. He proved to be a sire of great stud quality.

In 1988, we began an annual AI program and by 2000 we were performing all our own laparoscope AI. In 2004, we used an Allala Poll ram (AI) who bred Loppy and Ben, who were both influential in the stud for many years. Our current breeding sires are strongly influenced by our old Man.6 family, our 4.1 family, our Silky family, and both Ben and Loppy. We will continue to progress to all polls, with early maturity, constitution and heavy bone with rich heavy wools.


We have always bred big sheep with good rich heavy wools. We select for temperament, doing ability, heavy bone, good feet and soft skins, with pure deep crimped lustrous fibre. Lambing percentage is the biggest profit driver for our business, and we are working to achieve 150% weaning rate from our stud ewes. All ewes rearing twins are run separately on our better paddocks. All lambs have been mothered, tagged and recorded since 1979. Breeding ewes are not classed for age, and the top ewes remain for as long as they are sound. Culling occurs at lambing, shearing, and post-weaning.

In 2020 we have joined 850 stud ewes, of which, 230 were artificially inseminated. This year we are lambing from mid-August until the end of September, with all ewes, except 20, joined to Poll rams.

Our business is run using holistic thinking. We currently have 73 paddocks on 350 hectares, and practice timed grazing. We are excited to be practicing regenerative agricultural principles, and we are excited to be breeding productive and profitable merinos. We offer a free classing service to our clients.



On Property Ram Sale

The annual on property ram sale will be held on Friday 2nd October 2020.

Inspections start at 10am, with the auction commencing at 1pm.

We offer free classing services to all clients.


Full photo catalogue available here from mid-September 2020

For inquiries, please contact Keith.

Selling and Displaying at:

GSSM Show & Sale                                   18th - 20th January 2020

    @ Canberra

Australian Merino & Poll Merino Ram Sale       17th  July 2020

    @ Bendigo (ONLINE via AuctionsPlus)

Dubbo National Ram Sale                     25th - 26th August 2020

Southwest Slopes Merino Field Day          1st September 2020

   @ Harden Showgrounds                                     CANCELLED

Bendigo Sale 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual Australian Merino & Poll Merino Ram Sale (usually held in Bendigo each year) will be run virtually via AuctionsPlus. We have entered two rams for the sale: A21386 and A21387. Both rams offered were born in September 2018, and were fertility tested in March 2020. Details for each ram, and accompanying photos, can be found in the documents below. Specifications will be listed online through the sale. For any inquiries, please contact Keith.

For details and photos of A21386, click the PDF icon above.

For details and photos of A21387, click the PDF icon above.




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